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Affordable & adaptable surveillance solution.

AVLTICS is the ultimate AI security solution, offering Artificial Intelligence (Ai) based solution to the security industry both locally and abroad.

The AVLYTICS system architecture allows AME (Artificial Mind Engine) to be applied to surveillance, and the key components you can expect to utilise when implementing an AVLYTICS solution. Security technology developer AVLYTICS is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

AVLYTICS is used as an AI HUMAN DETECTION solution where a recognised Analogue HD or IP CCTV solution is installed. The device can be monitored on-site with our AVLYTICS CLIENT / SERVER software and/or off-site in conjunction with an affiliated AMS (Alarm Monitoring Software) program

Along with the control room solutions for monitoring incoming ALARM ALERTS and the SYSTEM HEALTH STATUS of your AVLYTICS device, we also offer notifications of both alerts to the TELEGRAM APP. This allows for easy access to alerts by mobile receipt of notifications. The AVLYTICS device send notifications via TELEGRAM APP only and should be accompanied by other methods of notificating with clients.

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AVLYTICS is a third party analytic plug-in device that analyses video streams from any CCTV product that offers an RTSP stream. AVLYTICS makes use of software fondly known as AME (Artificial Mind Engine) which is a location aware cognitive computing program designed specifically for video streaming. The AVLYTICS hardware can be installed either locally on site, or remotely if required. The device is required to have a permanent network connection to the DVR / NVR providing the RTSP Stream. Throughout the AVLYTICS process, the RTSP video stream is monitored and analysed in order to detect certain criteria and classifications. AME makes intelligent decisions based on environments and behaviours and when the device is armed, it will provide notifications and alerts based on the required monitoring solutions.

Whilst the AVLYTICS technology is primarily designed to provide notifications and alerts for accurate HUMAN DETECTION events, the solution is also designed to ensure that the required system health checks and test notifications are in place for system function monitoring. It is suggested that when choosing AVLYTICS as your AI CCTV solution, that the ALARM notifications, all HEALTH CHECK and OPERATIONAL alerts available are made use of, this ensures that your AVLYTIC device operates and functions optimally.

In order to offer AVLYTICS as an AI HUMAN DETECTION solution a service provider must have suitable and reliable access to the internet along with hardware in place to run and operate AVLYTICS CLIENT and AVLYTICS SERVER software. The required hardware specifications needed to operate your AVLYTICS CLIENT AND SERVER platforms are available on request.

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