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The use of AI Technology as a component of a CCTV security solution is becoming more prevalent and has achieved mainstream status as of 2020. The adoption of AI in security has seen its place in many applications, with SeeingAME engine and Avlytics as our monitoring solution. With this offering we are able to provide a cost effective open source plugin and monitoring facility.

When choosing an Artificial Intelligence solution for offsite monitoring there are two critical factors to consider.


Ensuring that accurate and reliable detections take place when a Human enters a monitored area.


Ensuring that the device and all communication infrastructure is continually monitored.

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Artificial Intelligence


With this understanding, the developers of Avlytics place the same importance on providing these health checks and notifications as they do in developing the actual Human detection algorithms. This principal is key to offering a 24hr security solution that is essentially designed to save lives and protect property. When considering Avlytics as an AI solution, it is important to note that the following diagnostic health checks are available and should be used as standard practise.

Two critical alerts that should be monitored at all times include Test and Offline signals. Test signals are monitored signals that that can be configured to send and receive at the required intervals. If the device fails to send a test message an alarm will be raised in the control room. Offline signals would indicate that the device is not communicating via TCP/IP.

NB: Whilst AVLYTICS is designed primarily to communicate via TCP/IP, it is regarded as industry best practise that an alternative / backup communications platform is also in place.


To offer a reliable and accurate Human detection solution is it imperative to monitor and understand the device’s accuracy metrics / measurements with regard to training per channel/per device/per class. It is recommended that a calibration walk test is done prior to site handover and periodic walk tests and camera maintenance scheduled and carried out as industry best practice.


The status of each device is communicated simultaneously to both Cloud Grafana and the Telegram Messenger App. In addition to the basic health status monitoring through Grafana and Telegram, Avlytics provides the ability to integrate these alerts directly into a number of third party Alarm monitoring software (AMS) packages. When integrating with AMS packages we are able to automate checking processes.


TCP/IP protocol requires good communication infrastructure. The ability to communicate alerts through to a control room is reliant on stable communication. Avlytics has the ability to notify the user / control room in the event of communication failure. A timeout notification can be received via TELEGRAM or GRAFFANA notifying the service provider.

Artificial Intelligence


The Avlytics system comprises of a central control unit monitoring various detection peripherals installed around a premises and affords the user the same stability and reliability as that of a conventional alarm system by harnessing the same design principals and methodology.

In Standard alarm systems, the design facilitates supervisory methods to monitor both the main control panel and the detectors within the solution. The system allows the security provider to monitor the state of all the relevant equipment on site, from the device itself to the cameras installed around the premises. As part of the standard offering, the system monitors and alerts on numerous maintenance features.

It is important to note that the following failures will negatively affect the ability of the device to make the required predictions and therefore, it is suggested that these fault statuses be monitored by the security provider.

Camera Tampering

Camera moved, obstructed

Stream FPS

Camera connection to Avlytics device

DVR / NVR Status

Camera connection to Avlytics device

Apart from these key services in accuracy, online status and predictions listed above, AVLYTICS is able to report on a host of additional diagnostic alerts. When these alerts are communicated to a control room, the service provider and the end user are ensured that Human detection alerts, along with the wellbeing of the device is continually monitored to ensure optimal performance.

Other diagnostic and status notifications have key advantages such as: Armed Signal Alert: Allows the user or control room to monitor whether a site armed as expected. Maintenance: Pre-warning on site related issues. Keep Alive Heartbeat: To monitor constant uninterrupted communication.

The AVLYTICS range of devices provides an optional layer of a secondary/backup communication facility in the form of a hardwired relay module, which can be connected to a communications device of the security providers’ choice. This so as to provide backup communications to the control room if the TCP/IP is not operational.

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